To be the best entertainment and leisure option in the markets it serves.


Respect, honesty, team work, integrity, responsibility and commitment


To provide top-of-the-line entertainment and leisure services.

Customer Orientation

Grupo Slots bears the stamp of its founder, Jorge Alberto Laffue. The company was inspired by his commitment to excellence in every detail, as well as by his constant search, and desire to prevail over any challenge. Jorge A. Laffue, a visionary and a leader in this industry, left the company his legacy of experience and work culture focused on the mission of providing excellence in every service. With a continuous model of growth and improvement, Grupo Slots offers its portfolio of products and services to a great variety of clients.
To ensure a competitive service that is constantly beating clients' expectations, and guaranteeing the achievement of its objectives efficiently, the company has a solid matrix structure: while different businesses or operation units that are in direct contact with customers bring the service to life, diverse departments assist and facilitate their performance, conducting specific tasks with a higher level of specialization.

  • An average of 20,000 people choose our entertainment options every day.
  • Over 1,500 direct jobs.
  • 7 traditional casinos
  • 35 slot machine halls
  • 996 hotel vacancies
  • 241 rooms in 4 hotels
  • 2 traditional bingo halls
  • 1 horse-racing agency
  • 1 official horse racing track
  • 1 theater room
  • Over 4,300 gambling spots
  • Over 500 traditional casino spots
  • 800 bingo spots
  • Over 330 betting terminals distributed across the province of San Luis
  • 15 gastronomic venues that seat over 1,405 guests
  • A 878 m2 workroom thought to promote research, development and maintenance of game technologies.
  • Over 96,000 covered square meters of commercial establishments and supporting sectors.
  • Organization of massive-audience shows and events gathering over 50,000 people
  • 26 assistance mobile units